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Embrace the Era of Smart, Connected Homes: Goodbye to Traditional Electrical Panels

Partnering with Builder's, Architects, Homeowners to Help Make Every Electrical Panel Smart with | High Def Technologies Inc. 


High Definition Technologies Inc. is proud to introduce a groundbreaking solution that brings intelligence and efficiency to electrical panels. With our innovative technology, homeowners can now have full control over their energy consumption, optimize their usage, and make informed decisions for a greener and more cost-effective future. Say goodbye to traditional electrical panels and welcome the era of smart, connected homes. Let's explore the remarkable features and benefits of High Definition Technologies Inc.'s solution.

Real-Time Energy Monitoring

At High Definition Technologies Inc., we understand the importance of staying informed about energy production and consumption trends. Our advanced system offers real-time energy monitoring, allowing homeowners to gain comprehensive visibility into their energy usage patterns. By understanding where energy is being consumed, users can identify opportunities for improvement and make smarter choices to reduce waste and save on utility bills.

Flexible Load Management

Our cutting-edge technology empowers homeowners to actively manage their electrical circuits, even during unexpected power outages. With the mobile app, users can prioritize critical loads to ensure essential appliances and systems remain operational when the grid fails. This level of control enhances safety, convenience, and peace of mind, making everyday life more manageable for homeowners.

Energy Insights and Modes

High Definition Technologies Inc. with Savant Systems provides valuable energy insights to homeowners, enabling them to optimize energy usage based on various factors. Our system takes into account weather conditions, time-of-use pricing, and other relevant data to offer intelligent energy management solutions. With customizable energy modes like Eco Mode and Power Outage Mode, homeowners can maximize efficiency and offset high-cost utility rates during peak hours.

Seamless Integration and Installation

High Definition Technologies Inc. takes pride in offering a seamless integration process that works effortlessly with leading brand electrical panels. Our system supports single and three-phase compatibility and can control circuits of 15A or greater. By utilizing Bluetooth communication, we eliminate the need for low voltage wiring, making installation quick and hassle-free. Homeowners can experience the benefits of our technology without major disruptions to their existing electrical systems.

Energy Independence and Storage Solutions

We believe in providing homeowners with the power of energy independence. High Definition Technologies Inc.'s solution is designed to manage on-grid power, renewable energy sources, and battery storage solutions. Seamlessly transitioning between on-grid and off-grid power, our system enhances local grid resiliency during high-usage periods and reduces daily peak energy rates. With our scalable battery storage kits, homeowners can customize their energy management systems to match their unique requirements.

This system is revolutionizing the concept of electrical panels, transforming them into smart, connected hubs that empower homeowners to make intelligent energy choices. With real-time energy monitoring, flexible load management, and seamless integration, our technology brings efficiency and sustainability to every home. Join us in embracing the power of smart technology and embark on a greener future with High Definition Technologies Inc. Visit our website at www.highdeftech.com to discover how we can help you make every electrical panel smart.