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Technology systems can occasionally experience disruptions, but with technology support from High Def Technologies you can be free from issues before they occur. From proactively monitoring and solving your system issues remotely to enabling you to reset your own system easily, we have you covered.

Experience The Support Benefits



Your system receives remote access and can be fixed without a service call. (in many cases)


Things rarely go wrong during normal business hours. That’s why our support is available all day, everyday single day, including all holidays! Reach us via email, phone or our online help desk at a time that suits you.


To keep your system updated and working perfectly, we include an annual tune-up in all our priority and signature packages, worth between $600 to $1000 annually.


You’ll benefit from a preferred rate In the unlikely event that a service call is required.


(Premium & Prime packages only)

If a problem arises you'll be our priority with our guaranteed response times and home automation / business audio - visual experts on site in as little as one day.


(Premium & Prime packages only)

Before issues occur, we’ll be proactively monitoring your system, troubleshooting potential problems.

Technology Service Pacakges

We offer 3 different Concierge Support packages, depending on your requirements. Need help deciding what’s best for you?  Give us a call:


All 24/7 Technology Support packages are cancelable at anytime.



Email Support 9-4 M|F

On-site Support 9-5 M|F (7-10 Days lead time)

Standard Hourly Rates



Unlimited 24/7 Text, Chat, Email Communication

Unlimited 24/7 Phone Issue Ticketing

24/7 Remote Help (10 Min. Response)

30 Min. Phone Response from Advanced Remote Support

Same Business Day / Next Business Day Scheduling for On-Site Appointments

Discounted Hourly Labor Rates

Prioritized Appointment Scheduling

Proactive System Monitoring & Remote Repair (Requires remote OvrC Pro technology)

2 x Annual Tech Review and Maintenance Updates to Network System

Cancel Anytime



Unlimited 24/7 Text, Chat, Email Communication

24×7 Remote Help

Standard Scheduling for On-site Support 9 – 5 M|F (3-5 days lead time)

Standard Hourly Labor Rates

Cancel Anytime



Unlimited 24/7 Text, Chat, Email Communication

Unlimited 24/7 Phone Issue Ticketing

24/7 Remote Help (30 Min. Response)

60 Min. Phone Response from Advanced Remote Support

1 - 2 Business Day Scheduling for On-Site Appointments

Discounted Hourly Labor Rates

Proactive System Monitoring & Remote Repair (Requires remote OvrC Pro technology)

1 x Annual Tech Review & Maintenance Updates to Network System

Cancel Anytime

*Subject to availability. Additional terms and conditions apply, Please refer to the Terms of Service for details

^Requires remote OvrC Pro technology

*All plans are cancelable at anytime




  • Whether most of your connected devices are up and running.
  • Health of many connected AV devices and light switches.
  • Internet up/down state and average upload/download speeds.
  • Crucial system infrastructure
  • Network connected Security Cameras
  • Network connected Security Systems
  • Lighting control systems
  • Automated shade systems
  • Automated Locks
  • ...and more.


  • Quality of audio/video (a connected network media player may show as online but the audio and video may still be experiencing issues).
  • Different apps and services within connected network devices (i.e. Netflix not working or Pandora producing an error message within a functioning Apple TV or Sonos player).
  • Toasters, wicker baskets, toilets, major home appliances (yet), pets, kids, plant life of threats from zombies. 

What is ExpertCare?

ExpertCare is our new comprehensive support subscription that includes a dedicated 24/7 Remote Support Team, a local High Def Technologies Inc. Onsite Support Team as well as 24/7 remote monitoring of your system. It is dedicated for subscribers only.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes.  All 24/7 technology support plans are cancelable at anytime.  You are never locked in. 

Why Did High Definition Technologies Inc. Move to a 24/7 Support Plan? 

As installed technologies have grown from a nice-to-have entertainment systems to must have entertainment, security, lighting and life safety, it became clear that we needed a strategy to best support our clients in-hours and after-hours. Our primary goal has always been to provide best-in-class support for the systems we design and install. With the help of our ExpertCare partner team we are now able to confidently deliver on both fronts. 

How much is the subscription?

Pricing starts at just $39/month. Details can be found above. 

Once subscribed, how do I reach support?

Once subscribed you will receive a “welcome” email with a contact card attached. We encourage you to store the information on your mobile device. Alternatively, you can call our office and press 2 for “support” and then 1 for High Def Technologies Inc.. ExpertCare.” 

What forms of communication can I use to get support?

Email, phone, text and chat.

Do I still contact High Def Technologies Inc. directly for support during business hours?

No, your first contact should always be to the 24/7 Remote Support Team. 

Is High Def Technologies Inc. still supporting our system?

Yes! However, the 24/7 Remote Support Team will always attempt to solve your issue remotely first. If they cannot resolve the issue, your issue will be escalated to the local High Def Technologies Inc. Onsite Support Team. 

I previously texted or emailed my High Def Technologies Inc consultant, Can I still do that?

Yes, but you will bypass the 24/7 Remote Support Team and go directly to scheduling onsite service during business hours. We STRONGLY recommend that you do NOT bypass the 24/7 Remote Support Team as they can solve almost 80% off all issues remotely.

My system is new (installed within 1-year warranty period), does this apply to me?

YES. Our 1-year warranty on workmanship only covers service during regular business hours. After hours support is additional unless you already purchased one of the above subscriptions.

We only spend a few weeks of the year at this house. Is this really necessary?

Yes! If you’re not at the home, that is even more reason to have your system proactively monitored. The last thing you want to do is deal with home technology issues when you only have limited time to enjoy your home. We’ll make sure that when you are there, your system is firing on all cylinders. 

Is your 24/7 support team in-house?

NO,  the 24/7 support  team is off-site but not off-continent. The team is composed of highly skilled home technology experts who are trained on the specifics of your system. They know the locations of all the devices in your home, they know all the specific parts for your exact system, they have all of your network information, etc. You can feel confident knowing that over 80% of the calls that they field are resolved without dispatching a technician to your home.

Do I have to subscribe to ExpertCare?

No, BUT you will not have access to our afterhours phone number and therefore will only be able to reach us for service during our normal M-F, 8am-4pm business hours. 

Can I continue to call, email and text High Def Technologies Inc. team members directly after hours?

No, all support inquires must come through the proper channels. Our techs are no longer expected to respond to after-hours support requests in any form.

If I don’t subscribe to an ExpertCare Plan can I still get after hours emergency service?

For a limited time, yes. However, the response time may be limited and our emergency rate is $400/hr.

Does the ExpertCare subscription include free service calls?

No, however onsite service rates are discounted for ExpertCare subscribers. (see rates above) 

How quickly will my emails, calls, texts or chats be responded to?

In most cases immediately. The max wait time would be about 8min. 

What is involved in the High Def Technologies Inc. Monitoring Device configuration?

The configuration is extremely detailed. Every component in your system needs to be labeled and identified by room so that the 24x7 support team has all the information they need to effectively monitor and support your system. This is a critical step to enabling the highest quality 24x7 support available.

What parts of my system can be monitored and supported?

Generally, anything that has a connection to the internet. The specifics can be found above. 

When will my 1 year subscription start?

After you receive your “welcome” email from the 24x7 support team. 

Please note that due to high demand, we cannot guarantee start dates. High Def Technologies Inc. will however provide support directly during the waiting period. We apologize in advance for any delays. 

Why the sudden change?

Although this may seem like a sudden change, we have been vetting after hours support partners for over 2 years. It became clear as the business continued to grow, that supporting hundreds of clients afterhours was not something that we were going to be able to do effectively on our own long term. Our primary goal has always been to provide best-in-class support for the systems we design and install, both during and after business hours. With the help of our new partner, High Def Technologies Inc. is now able to confidently deliver on both fronts. 

How will I request service after I subscribe?

Once subscribed, you will be given a dedicated email address, phone number and link for live chat. 

Are other High Def Technologies Inc. customers already subscribed? Any willing to speak to me about the quality?

Yes and yes. Just give us a call and we can link you up with one of our subscribers.

Does this extend the warranty on my physical components?

No, but with these components being monitored we keep records of any and all issues that can help us when dealing with the manufacturer.