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Privacy Policy - For High Def Technologies Inc Website

Updated On: April 14th, 2022

High Def Technologies Inc takes on line privacy seriously.

We respect your personal information and make sure it is safe and not distributed to other companies or corporations.​

What Information is Collected by the High Def Technologies Web Site?

The High Def Technologies web site may collect two different types of information:

Browsing Information - Information on how you visit our site may be collected and stored. This information may include the length of your visit, date and time of visit, the pages you looked at etc. It doesn't include any personal information. This data is used to help us better design our web site.

Passive Information - Portions of our site may use "cookie" technology to better tailor the site to your needs. A cookie is a small file that resides in your temporary folder. It is our policy to use these cookies only for the duration of your Internet Explorer session. The information stored tends to be used for login procedures (if applicable to this site) or to support Browsing Information

​High Def Technologies Inc reserves the right to modify our Privacy Policy and at any time by notifying customers through this website.