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Integrating modern technology with contemporary design

Acreage living at its finest! - Smart Home Systems by High Def Technologies Inc. - Calgary, AB

Located near Calgary, Alberta, Canada this contemporary home was updated with every attention to detail including the audio, video, home theatre, networking, security and lighting control system.

Attending a needs assessment meeting with the client, designer and renovation firm, High Definition Technologies knew that integrating modern technology had to perfectly blend with the client's vision and contemporary design of the home. The technology had to be useful and enjoyable, but not seen.

Home Theatre

The client requested a design for an "open concept" home theatre rather than a "dedicated" and closed-in theatre room; a design where their family could enjoy the best image quality, but not require a totally dark room to view it in, one that would have amazing Dolby Atmos surround sound without seeing the speakers and one where they could watch streaming movies and TV shows, but also enjoy a large personal collection of movies. The design was to keep it simple, but with attention to image, sound and ease of use.

Home Theatre - Control/Automation Platform

Control4 was selected as the automation manufacturer of choice. A Control4 EA5 automation controller is used as the control hub of the system to tie in room control, theatre control, music control, lighting control, security and cameras into one easy-to-use application.

Home Theatre - Movie Server

Personal movie collection management was accomplished using the Kaleidescape movie server, which allows the client to curate a library of their favorite movies playing them in the best possible picture and sound quality available today. Kaleidescape is the movie industry's top pick for discerning viewers including Martin Scorsese, Barry Sonnefeld and more.

Home Theatre - Screen & Projector

This theatre room was outfitted with a JVC DLARS3000 DILA projector paired with a Panamorph Palidin DCR anamorphic lens. This award-winning JVC projector is the go-to choice for many home theatre enthusiasts as the image quality looks stunning with 8k e-shift resolution. To display the image from the JVC projector the theatre was outfitted with an acoustically transparent Screen Innovations "Slate" fixed screen. This screen is specifically designed to reject ambient room light, so users can view TV & movies in a lit room. The screen is also acoustically transparent, allowing speakers to be hidden behind the screen without affecting the sound quality.

Speakers and Surround System

Canadian manufacturer Paradigm's flagship in-wall speakers were selected, along with sister company Anthem AV for surround processing and amplification.

Home Theatre - Room Acoustics

The room was stylishly designed using Vicoustic room acoustics products including; "Cinema Rounds", "Multifuser DC3s" & "Super Bass Extreme Ultra" bass traps. These designs always include room measurements, CAD drawings for the best possible acoustic environment.

Home Theatre - Renderings

To ensure there were no surprises with the finished theatre room and to offer the clients a photo-realistic preview of the finished space, High Def Technologies created detailed room renderings which included every component down to the last detail; screen placement, speaker placements, projector placement, acoustics treatments and even the furniture! You can see an example of one of the renderings below.  Notice how close it is to the actual finished photo seen at the top. 

Lighting Control - Smart Home Automation System

Lutron's "HomeWorks" lineup, known for their exceptional aesthetics and smart living lighting control, was selected as the lighting control platform. The lighting system seamlessly integrates with the entire home, including automatically setting the light levels when you watch a movie, turning on the lights in the home if there is a security alarm or fire, or simply just an "all off" when you are leaving the home.

Whole-House Audio

Keeping aesthetics in mind, the home was outfitted with Paradigm recessed in-ceiling speakers. The Control4 system allows users to easily stream content from their favorite music sources including; TuneIn, Tidal, Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music and many more.

Home Security & CCTV

With a proactive approach to safety and security, this advanced security system has strategically placed cameras around the perimeter of the home which are monitored 24/7 by our live agents the moment the system is armed. 

Privacy is ensured using a patented technology which only allows our agents to see an outline of the person rather than identifying features, while the homeowner can see the actual person. When an agent is unsure of criminal intent, they can immediately engage a customer by sending video directly to their mobile device at which the customer can request police dispatch or to disregard the alarm. 

Ease of use was kept in mind so the client can simply arm/disarm from any of the touchscreens in the home or from their smart devices from anywhere in the world.

Water Leakage Prevention

This home is equipped with an advanced water leak system that not only consists of water leak detectors but can also determine if water flow is above normal and automatically shut off the water, stopping leaks before they become a major disaster.

Networking / Internet

Every home deserves a strong and reliable internet connection. This home consists of multiple wireless access points strategically installed around the home that act as one system and is centrally managed for simple firmware and security updates.